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Latoya Okeia

 Master Coach & Spiritual Leader

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Overcoming A Scarcity Mindset 2.0

Get ready to break free from limitations, rewrite your financial story, and step into YOUR NEW LIFE of abundance.

In this course, we will dig into the roots of a scarcity mindset and work together to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, repair your relationship with money and break toxic thinking patterns. Our ultimate goal is to break the generational cycles of poverty and financial lack, allowing you to walk into a life of abundance, wealth and prosperity.


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21-Day Devotional Ebook Copy! With this devotional, you'll be able to unlock the power within you to overcome stinking thinking and walk into a life of abundance, overflow, and success. In this transformational 21-day devotional, you’ll tap into daily reflections, powerful scriptures, and practical exercises to help you break free from scarcity!