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You’ve been looking for a Coach? Look no more!!

Transformation is knocking, will you answer??

Inside the group coaching community, we work together through spiritual coaching to help you...

-Have a deeper connection with God

-Forgive and move on

-Release fear and negative attachments

-Overcome addiction, strongholds, and soul ties

-Get the courage and confidence you need to show up as the authentic, real, and raw version of yourself. 

-Spiritual Healing from toxic breakups, divorce, childhood pain, betrayal and rejection

-Forget the doubters and move forward in your purpose 

-Let go of stinking thinking and get to your next level

-Find your true purpose in life and make an impact using your natural gifts

-Tap into the ABUNDANCE of GOD


-Become a TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER that glorifies God and advances the Kingdom

Divine Ones Share Their Experience with Coach Latoya Okeia!!!

Hear Transformational Testimonies from The Divine Ones!!!

The REAL TRANSFORMATION! GOD is rebuilding you!

Other lives are tied to your obedience! When you say yes to your purpose, it opens up soooo many doors for others! 

As your Coach and Life Strategist, I'm excited to teach you how to BECOME the LEADER you were divinely created to be so you can say YES to your calling. 

You were destined to live a life of IMPACT and INFLUENCE! Let me show you how!

Divine One Testimonial

Taylar Symone

My life has already changed in so many ways! All of Latoya's content, messages, and courses have been so inspiring and motivational for me. I enrolled in her Beast Mode Course, along with signed up for her monthly membership and YouTube community. Since I have became one of Latoya's students, I have started to write my e-book that I have been saying for years that I wanted to start, but never had the clarity on what to write about. My book is based on who God says I am. I have grown my relationship with God tremendously by seeking His Kingdom, righteousness and teachings. I’m currently doing my fast and already doors have been opening for me!! Since becoming Latoya's student I have shifted by transforming the renewal of my mind. My virtual assistant agency has also been taking a turn for the better and I’m showing up for my business like never before with so much faith and trust in God!

Divine One Testimonial


Below is a list of changes that I've made as a result of coming across Latoya Okeia on Youtube and taking the BeastMode Course! 1. Listened to the entire audiobook of the Bible. Old and New Testament. All 72 hours. 2. Read scriptures everyday. 3. More mindful of the type of music I listen to. I listen to the Bible when working out at the gym instead of music. 4. Reading and listening to lectures from Dr. Munroe (Major Blessing!). 5. Reciting the breakthrough prayer everyday for the past two month. (Don't miss one day!) 6. Speak my positive affirmations everyday. 7. Fight spiritual warfare with scriptures. (Our battle is not that of the flesh) 8. Started Journaling. 9. Improved my relationship with GOD. (What my enemy meant to harm me, God meant for good). 10. I'm also reading the Bible as well as listening to the audio version.

Divine One Testimonial

Ryan Anajae

Latoya Okeia has really blessed my life. Along side with God she's really helped me find the person I'm really suppose to be.

"Put me in Coach!"

When you join, it's important for you to understand that you will get out of this what you put into it! What does this mean? The Transformation Work is a 2-WAY JOB! 

As your Coach, I will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to transform as well as support you throughout your process. 

YOUR ROLE is even more important! You must take the information and EXECUTE! Take action, do the work, and trust the process! 

Monthly Success Calls with Master Coach Latoya Okeia

During our Success Calls, we go over important Kingdom principles to help you become successful in your life, your business, and your spiritual journey!

What Our Students Are Saying About The Success Calls....

Come on in, come on in baby!

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Meet Your Coach

Senior Instructor, Latoya Okeia Academy Latoya Okeia

Life Coach, Speaker, Mom of 3, YouTuber, Author, Business & Spiritual Mentor

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    2. Download Our App!

    3. Welcome To The Monthly Membership!

    4. Monthly Billing

    5. How To Cancel Your Membership: Step by Step Tutorial

    1. Section 1.1

    2. Section 1.2

    3. Section 1.3

    4. Oil And Water Don't Mix! Part 1

    5. Oil & Water Don't Mix Part 2

    6. Developing A Transformation Strategy for Quarter 4: Coaching, Tips, Advice, Q&A

    7. Three Mistakes That Could Be Blocking Your Transformation

    1. Powerful Meditation with Latoya Okeia

    2. Special Breakthrough Meditation

    3. Meditation Call with Latoya Okeia - Overcome Stinking Thinking

    4. Meditation Call with Latoya Okeia - Let's Break Strongholds!

    1. Remember Who You Are! Go Back To The Basics! Part 1

    2. Remember Who You Are! Go Back To The Basics! Part 2

    3. Success Call Notes: Defining Your Success

    4. Defining YOUR Success: Clarifying Your Goals

    5. Quiz: Defining Your Success and Clarifying Your Goals

    6. Success Call: What You Do In Private Will Be Rewarded In Public!

    1. Get In The Lab: Session

    2. Get In The Lab Quiz

    3. October Success Class Replay

    1. A message from your Coach

    2. Divine Message from Master Coach Latoya Okeia!

    3. What is a Scarcity Mindset?

    4. "What is a Scarcity Mindset" Quiz

    5. How a Scarcity Mindset Affects You

    6. "How a Scarcity Mindset Affects You" Quiz

    7. Where Does The Scarcity Mindset Come From??

    8. Quiz

    9. Ask Latoya Okeia

    10. Your Class Zoom Link

    11. Journal Instructions

    12. Download and Print Journal Activity 1

    13. Devotional Instructions

    14. 21-Day Devotional Book

    15. Guided Meditation To Overcome A Scarcity Mindset: PLAY THIS DAILY!

    16. What's Keeping You Stuck??

    17. Which One Are You?

    18. 10 Tips to Help You Create Healthy Financial Habits

    19. Finance Worksheet Instructions

    20. Finance Worksheets

    21. Transitioning From Scarcity To Abundance

    22. LIVE Replay with Master Coach Latoya Okeia

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